This course is designed to present basic biological concepts from a molecular approach, with an emphasis placed on synthesis and critical thinking, as well as on laboratory and process skills.
Nowiki, Stephen. Biology. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2017).
Students will be assigned a numbered book and held responsible for that book. Lost textbooks are $110 (money order). Textbooks should be covered at all times and not left around campus.

Assigned textbook, Assigned interactive workbook, 1 jumbo book cover, 1 pocket folder, 2 different color pens (black and blue), pencils and sharpener, dual dictionary (for ESL only), basic calculator, pack of loose leaf, 2 black and white copybook, lab fee of $5.00 (receipt will be given).

Students will be given an interactive workbook that will be given free of charge. It goes hand in hand with the textbook and should be brought to class daily.

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